Shipping to Alaska

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With decades of experience, we focus on a commitment to quality service that is unmatched by our competitors. Whether you want to ship to Alaska or ship from Alaska, Dewitt Move will provide all the services you need for an easy, convenient move.
Moving to Alaska
Alaska is the largest state in America but also the least densely populated. Alaska shipping services might be hard to come by, but at Dewitt, we pride ourselves in servicing the entire state of Alaska, whether you live within its borders or on the United States mainland and beyond. Our services include local, international, military, and corporate relocations.
We specialize in the shipment of personal effects and household goods. With our freight forwarding services, you will only find quality packing and unpacking, ensuring a smooth journey from beginning to end. We are also capable of furniture installations. Many contractors rely on us for storage, installation, and removal of appliances and furniture shipped to or out of Alaska. We also ship vehicles and automobiles to Alaska. With our services, shipping cars to Alaska is a simple task, free of any stress or hardship.
If you are moving to Alaska, shipping services are a necessity. We are a family owned and operated company, four generations strong. We make sure to treat our customers with a great deal of care and respect. We are dedicated to serving you from start to finish with the utmost quality. 
If you want to ship to Alaska, contact us via phone, email, or contact form.