Affordable Moving

As a premier moving company, we understand the stress that comes with relocation, and make it our job to ensure your relocation is fast, convenient and affordable. As a full-service company DeWitt Move Worldwide promises to provide the safest and most competitively priced solutions to fit your moving or transportation needs. Which is why customers continue to depend on DeWitt Move Worldwide for quality moving solutions at affordable rates.

Our Affordable Moving Rates

Rates and Minimums
As every job has different requirements, DeWitt Move Worldwide provides a custom rate for every job that we perform. We take pride in understanding the full scope of your transportation needs so that we can provide an accurate quote so there are no surprises. Our experienced staff will help to identify any challenges that may arise during your move and will provide you with rates for multiple scenarios.

Each type of transportation service (Moving, Trucking, Freight) is rated differently, for more information please visit our FAQ page.