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Professional, Affordable and Hassle-Free Relocations to Mexico

Like many international destinations, Mexico presents its own unique challenges when it comes to relocations. With established partnerships and service to more than 20 cities—including Mexico City, Monterey and Guadalajara—DeWitt Move can help you make relocations to Mexico simple and stress-free.

Additionally, we’re offering 15% off our rates to Mexico through the end of April. Contact us for more details.

Our relocation packages to Mexico feature:

Shorter Travel Times

Moving to Mexico can take longer than many people expect. Other carriers offer transit times of up to 3-8 weeks. Thanks to our existing relationships in Mexico, we can move containers across the border in as few as 5-12 business days. Additionally, your customers will have their goods delivered by professional, uniformed movers in Mexico who will provide the highest level of customer service.

Easy Customs Clearance with Reduced Risk of Loss

Our partnerships in Mexico have paved the way for a strong relationship with Mexican customs. We will work with you and your customers to secure all the necessary documentation up front. Once all the paperwork is in order, we’ll arrange for your containers to be opened minimally, if at all, before reaching Mexico City. This agreement keeps any potential losses to an absolute minimum, eliminating one of the biggest problems with relocations to Mexico.

Transparent Quotes with No Supplemental Billings

If you’ve moved household goods to Mexico previously, you may know that extra charges are the norm. At the border, supplemental billings are often levied for things like inspections, fumigation and more. Additionally, shipments won’t get cleared until these extra charges are paid.

However, at DeWitt Move, we provide an all-in-one shipping quote with zero supplemental billings. You pay the agreed-upon fee, and we take care of any extra charges behind the scenes.

Other carriers may offer cheaper quotes up front. However, once you take into account the supplemental billings, you likely won’t end up saving any money. Instead, you’ll probably end up paying more.

30 Days of Free Storage

Mexico moves on its own timeline, and it also has its own local customs—all of which means that everything can change on a dime. Move-in dates get pushed back. Housing suddenly becomes unavailable. Start dates shift.

We want to help you and your customers plan for the unexpected. That’s why we offer 30 days of complimentary storage in Mexico. Most carriers will charge you from day one, but we know that moving to Mexico requires a little bit of flexibility. We’re happy to provide that help when you need it.

Get a Quote Today

Moving customers to Mexico often means dealing with the unexpected. With our exclusive services and established partnerships, we’ll help you smooth the way.

Contact us for a rate sheet—and to get 15% off our prices to Mexico until the end of April. We’d be happy to help you coordinate a relocation to Mexico that’s professional, affordable and hassle-free.