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When it comes to completing customs paperwork and following import/export procedures, the smallest mistake can cause enormous challenges.

As a shipment passes through customs, you have one shot to get it right. Make a calculation error, submit an illegible document, accidentally omit crucial information or fail to follow a single procedure, and your shipment could get flagged for further inspection. This could delay it for days—or even weeks.

At DeWitt Move Worldwide, we know how crucial customs clearance is to the timeline of your project. In addition to almost seventy years of experience in international shipping, we also have decades of experience preparing shipments for customs clearance. We have deep experience with:

  • Assembling duty-free paperwork for NGO shipments.
  • Assisting international customers with the paperwork and procedures that move their household goods through customs quickly and efficiently.
  • Working in conjunction with the Department of State and local embassies to clear shipments for diplomats moving abroad.
  • Completing Import Security Filings (ISF), also known as 10+2, for businesses bringing goods into the United States.

Our experts understand the level of detail and precision that international customs clearance requires. We’ll bring all of our expertise and experience to bear in order to help streamline the clearance of your shipments.

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When it comes to customs, every detail matters, every time

Did you know that you’re prohibited from importing a yellow car into the United Arab Emirates? Or that Thailand charges a 400% import duty tax on motorcycles? That’s just the start of the kinds of customs regulations we deal with every day.

Thanks to our long-standing membership in the International Association of Movers (IAM), as well as the relationships we’ve formed with local moving and storage companies in over 100 countries, our expert team keeps up to date on the latest international customs paperwork and procedures.

When we’re preparing your shipment, we’ll complete all the correct paperwork to streamline your clearance. We’ll also help you avoid potential challenges before you pack, by identifying prohibited items or ones that might incur massive import duties. And we’ll keep our eyes out for common mistakes, like a locked gun safe whose combination is nowhere to be found when customs asks to inspect it further.

Should your shipment encounter any issues, we’ll leverage our international network to get resources on the ground to move the process forward. After all, despite even the most precise preparations, issues do occur. Rest assured that we have the resources and the reach to handle them.

At DeWitt Move Worldwide, we pride ourselves on orchestrating your entire move, from start to finish, to create a seamless, worry-free experience. When it comes to customs, preparation and documentation are key. Trust the international experts, and we’ll help you clear with ease.

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