Supporting projects in developing nations across the globe

NGO Cargo

As a 10-year partner of USAID, we have the expertise, experience and understanding in the most challenging projects. Our in-house team proudly speaks 18 different languages and provides translation services for 100’s more. It’s this diversity that makes our custom support team so effective. Our process always includes intertransit visibility and a dedicated account manager who works as your single-point-of-contact for your project.

Volunteers unload food for victims of the 6.4 earthquake in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand
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When it comes to managing challenging logistics it’s critical to have a relocation partner with the right expertise and experience to keeping your project’s timeline on track. In many developing nations roads may be non-existent, airports may only accommodate small craft and seaports may not easily connect to critical sites. That’s where our experience can help. We completed our first international relocation in 1958, and now complete 10,000 annual shipments. This includes hard-to-reach places around the world. From the start, we saw the importance of fostering a global community across continents and cultures.

We appreciate that you want to make every dollar of your budget count. Your funding isn’t unlimited, and we’ll partner to make the most of it. We’re committed to creating packages for you that deliver the highest possible value for the price. Discover how our long-standing expertise can help you keep your mission moving forward.


Our experts understand the level of detail and precision that international customs clearance requires. We’ll help streamline the clearance of your shipments.

Duty Free Processing

For zero additional fees, we work with local ministry of foreign affairs, finance and port/customs authorities to process duty-free imports.

Your Partner for Seamless Shipments

Our team has been working side-by-side with NGOs for many years to support their projects in developing nations across the globe. We welcome the opportunity to contribute to your next project. In addition, DeWitt Move Worldwide has received consistently high customer satisfaction scores from those we’ve served. The DeWitt Companies have been in business for nearly 100-years supporting safe and secure project cargo in even the most difficult locations and developing nations.

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Delivering Consumables

When shipping consumables, it’s important to work with a provider who can quickly become familiar with import requirements and promptly process items. DeWitt Move Worldwide has established procedures to import and clear items through customs. Our experts can manage items with tax exemptions, customs and other national requirements. Our team has experience in PPE, Cleaning Products, Office Supplies, Paints and Products, Clothing/Linens, Mechanical items, and much more.

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Safe & Secure Solutions for Project Cargo

When transporting large, complex or high value pieces of equipment, it’s important to partner with an experienced company with global reach. We can meet specific delivery dates and time frames to accommodate your complex cargo needs. Our detailed planning can save you time and money while reducing the risk of unexpected events. Our team has worked safe and secure project cargo logistics supporting even the most difficult locations and developing nations.

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Need to relocate employees?

Our team also can manage your employees’ household relocations. From the time we pick up a shipment until its final delivery and placement, DeWitt Move Worldwide retains complete ownership over every project. We’ll coordinate every single detail to ensure a seamless experience from door to door. Learn more about corporate relocations.