Are you preparing to make the leap to Switzerland? Here are a few phrases you’ll find helpful to have in your arsenal as you navigate making the Land of Neutrality feel like home. Whether it’s greeting locals or expressing your appreciation, having these phrases at your fingertips will undoubtedly enhance your experience (and might earn you some points with the locals, too!).

1. Grüezi

Translation: “Hello”
Let’s start with an easy one – this phrase simply means “hello” and is commonly used as a greeting across Switzerland.

2. Fröit mi

Translation: “Pleased to meet you

When meeting someone new, saying “Fröit mi” is a polite way to express that you’re pleased to have made their acquaintance.

3. Wie gaats dir?

Translation: “How are you?

An informal yet classic conversation starter, this phrase is perfect for initiating a friendly chat and getting to know someone.

4. En Guete

Translation: “Have a good meal

In Switzerland, it’s customary to wish someone a “good meal,” and “En Guete” is the perfect phrase to get the job done.

5. Merci Vilmal

Translation: “Thanks a lot

When expressing gratitude and wanting to say “thanks a lot,” use the phrase “Merci Vilmal.”

6. Chunsch druus

Translation: “Got it?

Unsure if your message was understood? Use this phrase to check, especially helpful when dealing with potential language barriers.

7. Hopp Schwiiz!

Translation: “Go Switzerland!

If you find yourself in Switzerland during a sporting event, you’ll likely encounter the rallying cry of, “Hopp Schwiiz!” everywhere. Enjoy the camaraderie!

8. Proscht!

Translation: “Cheers

When raising a glass in Switzerland, use “Proscht” to say “cheers.” Just remember the Swiss tradition of maintaining eye contact during the toast.

9. I würdi gern e Schwiizer Spezialität probiere

Translation: “I’d like to try a Swiss specialty

If you’re eager to sample some of Switzerland’s renowned offerings, such as cheese, chocolate, or milk, use this phrase to express your culinary curiosity.

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