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Trending Now: The Top 5 International #Destinations of 2019 

Every year, we help thousands of families move to new #destinations—here in the United States, to our far-flung territories and, increasingly, abroad.   Specifically, we’re seeing five international destinations pop up over and over again. Each offers its own set of unique benefits to individuals and families moving from the United States such as favorable exchange rates, attractive lifestyles and increases in quality of life. To help you prep your customers who relocating to these countries popular with U.S. expats, we’ll give you a quick run-down on each.   Mexico  Major #Destinations:   Mexico City  San Miguel de Allende  Oaxaca  Playa del Carmen  Median Home Price: $110,600 (USD)i   Median Annual Salary: $4,959 (USD)ii   Net Migration: -1.80 (Migrants/1,000 population)iii  Note: The net migration rate is a statistic that compares the difference between the number of people entering […]

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