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Making the Move Between Orange County and Hawaii? You’re in Good Company

Just over 2,500 miles separate Orange County from Honolulu, Hawaii—a distance that can be covered in just over five hours when flying between LAX and Daniel K. Inouye Airport on Oahu. Given Hawaii’s isolated position in the Pacific Ocean, that qualifies as “close!” Maybe it’s the proximity that motivates so many of the moves we see between Hawaii and Orange County—Irvine especially. Or maybe it’s the similarities the two places share. (More on that below!) Whatever the reason, IRS change-of-address data only underscores the fact that Orange County is a top-ten origin point for people moving to Hawaii and a top-ten destination for people leaving […]

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Need a Moving Partner to Complete Your Customers’ Relocations? Here’s What to Look For

As a relocation management company, choosing the right partner to help you complete your customers’ moves is critical. After all, you want each one of the individuals and the families that you move to enjoy a superior, seamless experience—one in which they might not even realize that you’ve partnered with another company to complete the job. As a relocation management company, you’re also in the unique position of serving two levels of customers—both 1) the individuals and families you’re actually relocating and 2) the companies or organizations who are sponsoring their moves—making it even more critical for keeping all the parties to this project happy. […]

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Trending Now: The Top 5 International #Destinations of 2019 

Every year, we help thousands of families move to new #destinations—here in the United States, to our far-flung territories and, increasingly, abroad.   Specifically, we’re seeing five international destinations pop up over and over again. Each offers its own set of unique benefits to individuals and families moving from the United States such as favorable exchange rates, attractive lifestyles and increases in quality of life. To help you prep your customers who relocating to these countries popular with U.S. expats, we’ll give you a quick run-down on each.   Mexico  Major #Destinations:   Mexico City  San Miguel de Allende  Oaxaca  Playa del Carmen  Median Home Price: $110,600 (USD)i   Median Annual Salary: $4,959 (USD)ii   Net Migration: -1.80 (Migrants/1,000 population)iii  Note: The net migration rate is a statistic that compares the difference between the number of people entering […]

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