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9 Swiss-German Phrases to Prepare You for Your Move to Switzerland

Are you preparing to make the leap to Switzerland? Here are a few phrases you’ll find helpful to have in your arsenal as you navigate making the Land of Neutrality feel like home. Whether it’s greeting locals or expressing your appreciation, having these phrases at your fingertips will undoubtedly enhance your experience (and might earn you some points with the locals, too!). 1. Grüezi Translation: “Hello” Let’s start with an easy one – this phrase simply means “hello” and is commonly used as a greeting across Switzerland. 2. Fröit mi Translation: “Pleased to meet you” When meeting someone new, saying “Fröit mi” is a polite...

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Moving Between Long Beach and Hawaii? Your Guide to an Easy Relocation

Are you the kind of person who craves coastal life? Some people don’t give it a second thought. For others, living near the water is their first priority.  If you’re a certified thalassophile (someone who loves the ocean!)—and you’re considering a move between Long Beach, California and Hawaii—we’ve got good news: Proximity to the Pacific is something you’ll enjoy in both places. And, it’s not the only similarity that links the two.  We’d love to help you make a simple and easy relocation to your new home, whether that’s in Long Beach or the Hawaiian Islands. In this article, we’ll walk you through the links between the two spots to help with a smooth transition. And, to help you envision life in...

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Moving to Puerto Rico: Your Easy Escape to Caribbean Life

Puerto Rico welcomes more than four million tourists each yeari who are attracted by its white-sand beaches, natural beauty, rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious food.  But what about making Puerto Rico your home?  For the first time in 15 years, the population of Puerto Rico increased in 2019,ii indicating both that more people are moving to the island—and more are staying. After Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico in 2017, the island saw a population decline of around 130,000,iii with many people leaving for the continental U.S.  However, now that the island has recovered significantly from the devastation, many are rediscovering Puerto Rico as a place to call...

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