Freight Forwarders are obligated by law under Section 141.45, Title 19, and United States Code of Federal Regulations requires a Custom House Broker to obtain a valid Power of Attorney before transacting business in the name of their principle (Importer of Record).  This is necessary to expedite the clearance of a shipment and to comply with United States regulations.

We understand that it can be a very uncomfortable request when asked as a customer for a blank Power of Attorney in order to forward your household goods shipment internationally from or going outside the United States.  To be clear this power of attorney document is limited to the actions surrounding the completion of US Customs related matters ONLY.  The power of attorney allows a customs broker to act as an agent on behalf of importer of record to make, endorse, sign, declare, or swear to any entry, withdrawal, declaration, certificate, bill of lading or other documents required by law or regulation in connection with the importation, transportation, or exploration of any merchandise (including household goods) shipped or consigned by said grantor.  This is also used to perform any act or condition which may be required by law or regulation in connection with such merchandise; to receive any merchandise delivered to said grantor.

The Power of Attorney can only be used in matters of the shipment of goods into and out of the United States It allows full power and authority to complete necessary actions required which would otherwise be done in the premises if the grantor could do if present.  This power of attorney will remain in force until revocation in writing is duly given by the Exporter and received by the forwarder.  The power of attorney shall in no case have any force or effect in the United States after the expiration 2 years from the dates of its execution.  This document can only be used to facilitate the representation of the grantor for shipping purposes, and cannot be used for any other unrelated transactions not related to forwarding or shipping of personal effects.

Dewitt Move Worldwide adheres to high standards by partnering with the most qualified professional customs brokers to handle the clearing processes of our shipments.  We select knowledgeable custom brokers in location to assist with the processing of our international shipments to ensure that all required documents are completed correctly and submitted to correctly handle our shipments through the U.S. Customs process.  Our Limited Power Of Attorney allows our team the authority to complete necessary documents by acting as our client’s agent for the clearing of shipments.

In summary, there should be no hesitation in completing a power of attorney form since it has no validity beyond allowing your forwarder “proxy status” for customs-related activity. On the other hand should one fail to provide the power of attorney they would risk delays in the movement of their shipment, more so if the shipment is destined for delivery in the U.S.   

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