Consolidation is a term used to describe the grouping of smaller liftvan (see above) shipments that have a similar destination into one container. With our consolidation service we load your household goods into wooden liftvan crates at your origin address. Once we have loaded all of your crates, they will be brought back to our warehouse where they will be grouped with other shipments headed for a similar final destination. By grouping your liftvan crates with other liftvan crates, we are able to fill an entire 40 to 45ft container. This method typically has cost savings, which we can pass on to you. The consolidation method is the best method for transporting smaller shipments, as it allows for the cost savings of using a larger container without requiring you to have a large shipment. Please keep in mind that your shipment will be housed in its own individual sealed crate(s) and your individual items will never by combined with another shipper’s goods.

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