Ahhh…. moving to Hawaii.. sure, we have all thought about it, especially during the grueling ice cold snowy winters here on the mainland.  You’re in luck… BBB A+ rated Dewitt Companies specializes in moving to Hawaii!  We would like to take this opportunity to educate you a bit on the Hawaii moving process.  The more you know about what to expect from your upcoming move to Hawaii, the better!


STEP 1: From Mainland Residence to Mainland Port

1. Depending on how much stuff you are moving to Hawaii, our local agent will safely and securely pack your belongings and load them into either a full sized container (FCL), or into individual Lift Vans (LCL), which are essentially big wooden boxes or crates that measure approximately 7ft x 4ft x 7ft.

Standard Lift Van






2. Once your items are brought back to the local warehouse, we will begin the process of booking the first availableocean vessel bound for Hawaii.  It is important to remember that just because a vessel sails on a specific day, does not mean that there is room on that vessel for your shipment.  Remember, there are hundreds upon hundreds of shipments than are loaded onto ocean vessels, and sometimes space can be limited, specifically during the busy summer months.

3. Once an available vessel is booked, we will arrange for your household goods to be picked up from the local facility and transported to port.  Your shipment will then be properly cataloged and loaded onto the ocean vessel.






STEP 2: Arriving at the Destination Port in Hawaii

1. Depending on which island you are moving to, ocean transit time can be 1 to 2 weeks, (depending on the weather of course).  Once your ocean vessel arrives into the Hawaii port, it will be systematically unloaded to ensure that all of the cargo goes to the proper port agent.  A port agent, by definition, is a person or company who prepares shipping documents, arranges shipping space and insurance, and deals with the customs clearance process where applicable.

2. IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that a vessel ETA of Monday, does NOT translate to a delivery to your Hawaii residence on Tuesday.  Your shipment must first be “made available,” or “ready” by the port, at which time our sister company, Royal Hawaiian Movers, will transport it to their local facility.


STEP 3: From the Hawaii Port to Your New Home

1. We typically estimate that your shipment will be available for delivery to your residence about 7-10 business days after the arrival of the vessel to it’s’ port of entry.  Once your shipment is “made available” by the Hawaiian port and transported to our Royal Hawaiian Movers’ warehouse, you will be contacted directly to schedule the earliest possible delivery date.

2. Our local agents will make sure to follow up with you no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date to confirm the time and location with you personally.  Our agents will also make sure to contact you post-move to ensure that you were well taken care of during the process.


That’s it!  Piece of cake!  Hopefully the above information will help to fill in some of the blanks about the Hawaii moving process.  When moving from one place to another, let alone one continent to another, it is important that you understand the process from start to finish. This will help relieve some of that stress and anxiety, and give you a better sense of how Dewitt Companies truly does provide each of our customers with the Royal Moving Treatment.


If you have any additional questions whatsoever, as always, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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