So you and the family have decided to leave life on the mainland and move to Hawaii.  Congratulations!  Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you will soon be one of the lucky ones to call it home.

Whether you are moving to Oahu, moving to Mauimoving to Kauai, or the Big Island, we hope that you will take a moment to review the below information.  There are dozens of online internet brokers and illegitimate moving companies that are standing by just waiting to take advantage of the unsuspecting mover = YOU.  We unfortunately see this all of the time, and always do what we can to help educate potential movers before they move to Hawaii or elsewhere around the world.  By taking the initiative to educate yourself on some of the moving basics “do’s and don’ts”, you can save yourself hours of potential anxiety and headache.

Let the lesson begin!

Did you know that the U.S. Government, in partnership with law enforcement, consumer groups, and the professional moving industry, is starting to take a more active role in educating consumers on household moves?  This has recently been brought about for one reason and one reason only:  Unsuspecting consumers are being taken advantage of by dishonest, “Rogue” movers.

Perhaps you have heard of these rogue movers, perhaps not, but if you have gone online to search for a moving company, you have probably already spoken to a few.  Please remember to keep your eyes open, and at the very least, watch for these 4 signs.


1.  Their Moving Estimate is Substantially Lower than Other Estimates You Have Received

The cheapest moving quote is seldom the best, as there are certain to be numerous hidden fees that have the potential to cost you 3x more in the long run.  Once your items are picked up from your residence, they are out of your hands.  Do you your homework, and work with a reputable moving company you can trust.  Do not let your household goods be “held captive” by dishonest, rogue movers.


2.  They Never Offered an In Home Survey

Federally regulated movers are required to, at the very least, offer a no cost, no obligation on-site inspection of your household goods.  If they do not at least offer to send someone out there to survey your items, hang up!  Don’t be bullied by smooth talk…. know your rights!


3.   They Want Payment First or They Ask for a Deposit

No legitimate, federally regulated moving company will demand cash or a large deposit before your move.  If the person on the other line is asking for money up front, BEFORE your items have been picked up, tell them “Thank you but no thank you,” and RUN!


4.  Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

Federally regulated moving companies are required, by law, to provide you with a copy of the booklet “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” If your moving company has never heard of this booklet before, or for whatever reason they choose not to send this information to you… hang up the phone and find another mover.


We sincerely hope that the above information was helpful!  For more information about how you can protect yourself during your upcoming move, please visit  

Thank you for visiting our moving blog!  Please check back often for updates or contact us for any additional questions you may have.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you further in any way that we can!



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