Every year, we help thousands of families move to new #destinationshere in the United States, to our far-flung territories and, increasingly, abroad.  

Specifically, we’re seeing five international destinations pop up over and over again. Each offers its own set of unique benefits to individuals and families moving from the United States such as favorable exchange rates, attractive lifestyles and increases in quality of life. To help you prep your customers who relocating to these countries popular with U.S. expats, we’ll give you a quick run-down on each.  


move to mexico

Major #Destinations:  

  • Mexico City 
  • San Miguel de Allende 
  • Oaxaca 
  • Playa del Carmen 

Median Home Price: $110,600 (USD)i  

Median Annual Salary: $4,959 (USD)ii  

Net Migration: -1.80 (Migrants/1,000 population)iii 

Note: The net migration rate is a statistic that compares the difference between the number of people entering and leaving a country during the year, per 1,000 people. Ultimately, this number gives you a sense of whether more people are immigrating to or emigrating from a given country. 

 Mexico is a tempting destination for Americans looking to get more for their dollars. Additionally, the country’s coastlines offer a fantastic opportunity to enjoy beachside living at reasonable prices. Baby boomers who are close to retirement are also looking south of the border to enjoy the warm climate, laid-back lifestyle and lower cost of living. That being said, anyone who watched Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico might have some concerns about the country’s crime rate. However, statistics show that Mexico’s crime rate tracks with the United States’ in many categories.iv As with any #destination, any prospective mover’s best bet is to do the research and make a visit in order to decide whether Mexico is the right fit 


move to canada

Major #Destinations: 

  • Victoria, British Columbia 
  • Vancouver, British Columbia 
  • Montréal, Québec 
  • Canmore, Alberta  
  • Toronto, Ontario 
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Median Home Price: $368,756 (USD)v 

Median Annual Salary: $53,413 (USD)vi 

Net Migration5.70 (Migrants/1,000 population)vii 

The recent surge in Canada’s labor market has attracted a number of emigrants to the country. With private-sector hiring at an all-time high, Canada is a compelling choice for many families, especially those with family members looking for new employment opportunities. Many who have made the move report that Canada’s political atmosphere is less charged than that of the United States, something that many Americans might consider a bonus. Additionally, Canada’s nationalized healthcare system means fewer out-of-pocket medical charges, which can significantly lower a family’s cost of living. Finally, with a passport, U.S. citizens can visit Canada for up to six months to test drive their new home before making a firm commitment. 

Puerto Rico 

move to puerto rico

Major Destinations: 

  • San Juan 
  • Palmas del Mar 
  • Fajardo 
  • Rincón

Median Home Price: 122,000viii 

Median Annual Salary: $19,343ix 

Net Migration: -16.90 (Migrants/1,000 population)x 

Although Puerto Rico is still recovering from the 2017 hurricane season, its friendly tax structures are making it a hot destination for Internet entrepreneurs and remote workers. Those who are able to meet the residency requirements under Act 20 and 22 stands to save significantly on their tax burdens by relocating to Puerto Rico. Plusresidents get to enjoy Puerto Rico’s year-round tropical weather, white-sand beaches, and uniquely diverse climate, which includes a tropical rainforest. Additionally, because of Puerto Rico’s territorial status, U.S. citizens can relocate without worrying about citizenship requirements or work visas. Although the majority of residents speak English, brushing up on basic Spanish will help new residents negotiate Puerto Rico with additional ease. 

United Kingdom 

moving to the united kingdom

Major Destinations: 

  • London 
  • Birmingham 
  • Edinburgh 
  • Oxford 
  • Bristol 

Median Home Price: $287,808 (USD)xi 

Median Annual Salary: $36,374 (USD)xii 

Net Migration: 2.50 (Migrants/1,000 population)xiii 

Although growth in the UK economy has slowed due to the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, this same climate has also weakened the British pound against the U.S. dollar. As a result, Americans have more buying power in the UK, making it a good time to relocateU.S. citizens who choose to become UK legal residents will also enjoy the lower out-of-pocket medical expenses that come with the UK’s National Health Service. Finallythose moving to the UK will find themselves perfectly positioned for most travel opportunities in Europe, with the continent’s destinations just a short (and cheap!) flight away.  


moving to germany

Major Destinations:  

  • Berlin 
  • Dusseldorf 
  • Frankfurt 
  • Hamburg 
  • Munich 

Median Home Price: $291,843 (USD)xiv 

Median Annual Salary: $50,772 (USD)xv 

Net Migration: 1.50 (Migrants/1,000 population)xvi 

Germany boasts the strongest national economy in Europe, xvii as well as the fourth largest GDP in the world. xviii The job market is strong, crime rates are low and public transportation is abundant in the country. Additionally, families who move to Germany can take advantage of the country’s high-quality schools, most of which are free. Germany can also make a great jumping-off point for exploring. Travelers will discover diverse points of interest within the country. Additionally, most European destinations are easily accessible in a few hours, either by train, car or plane. 

Creating Smooth Transitions to Top #Destinations 

As they explore new lifestyles, lower costs of living and diverse cultures, many Americans are looking to call international #destinations their home. These five countries offer U.S. citizens significant perks for relocation, but these individuals and families will need the help of an expert moving company to help them make the transition. By staying on top of these five international #destinations, you’ll be ready to help your customers make a smooth transition. 


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